About us


Apitrade Ltd. is a company established in 1991 with main business of processing and trade exclusively with natural Bulgarian bee honey. After more than 23 years on the market, currently Apitrade is one of the major packers and exporters of Bulgarian honey – our company collaborates with more than 1600 beekeepers, who supply us with finest quality honey each year.

We offer our customers all honey types harvested in Bulgaria – Acacia, Polyflora, Sunflower, Lime tree, Forest, Rape, Coriander and Thistle honey. At Apitrade we use a large variety of packages in their type and purpose in order to satisfy the needs of both of the end consumer and the clients from the industry.



We offer all honey types harvested in Bulgaria, packed in a large variety of containers from 15g to 290kg net weight. The main honey types we can supply are Polyflora, Sunflower, Acacia, Lime tree /Linden/ and Forest /Honeydew/ honey. Also, in smaller amounts and depending on the crop, we can offer Thistle and Coriander honey. In order to get a better idea, please browse the categories or download our catalog in .pdf format.


Our company has implemented and maintains the IFS v.6 and ISO 9001:2008 standards and has all the certificates and licenses for export. The honey we use is purchased directly from beekeepers from all regions of Bulgaria after strict quality control and analysis that are carried out in our in-house laboratory and also in the internationally recognized laboratories in Europe. The processes of liquefaction, filtration and packing of the honey are carried out in full compliance with the Bulgarian and European legislation and the HACCP system, which guarantees the preservation of all unique qualities of this natural and precious product.


Our main belief has always been that trust and transparency in are the foundation of being successful in business. This, together with the focus on maintaining the highest quality of our products, is the key for the development of Apitrade during the past two decades.

Our goals are to keep increasing the amount of honey we process, develop new products and maintain our reputation of a reliable partner.